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Vertige (1969): a psychedelic experimental short film


I actually discovered this movie because some footage of it were used for a fan-made video of Brian Jonestown Massacre awesome song « Seven Kind of Wonderful ».

This Canadian short (44 minutes) directed by Jean Baudin is available online for free through UbuWeb (« …a completely independent resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts… »).


Vertige (1969). Director: Jean Beaudin. Year: 1969. Time: 41 mins. Music: Serge Garant

Many films were produced in the 60s, both emic and etic, documenting the violent and sometimes silly ideological revolutions that swept Western middle-class youngsters of the time, producing a fascinating an apparently endless vault of cinematic experimentation and increasingly conv...

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Shockboy: Two explosive animated action short films


If you think that there were not enough blood and violence in fast-paced action animated series like The Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack, you should definitely check out Shockboy, a great non-stop action flash animated series from 2005 created by the Korean company Neostream, which has unfortunately produced only two episodes. Watch them below:

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 1 & 2 + Synopsis

Shockboy is a mysterious being fallen to earth from the world above (Seven Earth) with undiscovered supernatural powers to control the 5 elements that make up existence. Being a victim of Seventh Heaven’s test project (The Project), Shockboy is an incomplete prototype that was not safe for release...

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Soratobu Mazinger Z (空飛ぶマジンガーZ) Song & Lyrics

SORA TOBU MAZINGER Z  High-Flying Mazinger Z 

Lyricist = Takahisa Susumu
Composer / Arranger = Watanabe Michiaki
Singer = Mizuki Ichirou, Columbia Yurikago-Kai

- Japanese lyrics (Romanji) -

Surii Tsuu Wan Zero! Hassha!
Oozora habataku kurenai no tsubasa
Sono na wa Jetto Sukurandaa
Arata na inochi ga moeru Majingaa Z!
Sukurandaa Kurosu de dokkingu!

Kono hiroi sora wa Oo dare no mono
Kimi no mono (Kimi no mono)
Boku no mono (Boku no mono)
Minna no mono da
Heiwa no inori sora tobu suupaa robotto Majingaa Zetto!

Surii Tsuu Wan Zero! Hassha!
Aku wo kechirasu sora tobu tsubasa
Sono na wa Jetto Sukurandaa
Seigi no kokoro ga moeru Majingaa Z!
Sukurandaa Kurosu de dokkingu!

Kono aoi uchuu wa Oo dare no mono
Kimi no mono (Kimi no mono)
Boku no mono (Bo...

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Our Feature Presentation

Our Feature Presentation

Mansfield is probably best known by American audiences as the composer of the tune « Funky Fanfare », used for underscoring in the Astro Daters series of snipes produced by the National Screen Service in the late 1960s.

That song is currently used during the opening credits of the show Pit Boss on Animal Planet, as well as backing music for the « Quick Hits » segment on the Sklarbro Country podcast. The Astro Daters’ « Our Feature Presentation » was featured prominently in two films by Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill and Grindhouse (Death Proof + Planet Terror).

« Soul Thing » by Tony Newman is a cover of Keith Mansfield’s « Funky Fanfare » from 1968 as well.

A vocal ...

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