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Hong Kong Stars (part 1)

The following video is a slide show with photos shot in Hong Kong between March & April 2006. It includes the following personnalities (mostly of the Hong Kong film industry): Sandra Ng 吳君如, Tony Leung Ka-fai 梁家輝, Michelle Reis 李嘉欣, Tsui Hark 徐克, Cecilia Yip 葉童, Ivy Ling Po 凌波, Johnnie To 杜琪峰, Nick Cheung 張家輝, Louis Koo 古天樂, Andy Lau 劉德華, Lam Suet 林雪, Cheng Pei-pei 鄭佩佩, Marsha Yuan 原子鏸, Gordon Liu 劉家輝, Ti Lung 狄龍, Kong Do 江島, Ku Feng 谷峰, Lee Hoi-sang 李海生, Lily Li 李麗麗, Patty Keung, Susan Shaw 邵音音, Tiffany lee 李蘢怡…

…Wong Chung-Ching 黃頌菁, Gill Wong黃知敏, Kara Hui 惠英紅, Robert Mak 麥德羅, Carrie Ng 吳家麗, Helena Law 羅蘭, Vincent Sze 施祖男, Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan 陳國坤, Eric Tsang曾志偉, Waise Lee 李子雄...

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Flashback: Cheng Pei-pei, Josie Ho, Maggie Cheung & 2 Tony Leung (Cannes 2002)

My first real contact with the Hong Kong film industry probably started during the Cannes Film Festival in May 2002. It was my first Cannes, and that’s where I met Patty Keung (who was working back then at Celestial Pictures, the compagny who own the Shaw Brothers film library), who introduced my to my idol Cheng Pei-pei, the queen of Hong Kong swordsplay movies  (who was presenting the restored version of « Come Drink With Me« ) and her daughter Marsha Yuan.

hkcannes2002_00Offering flowers to my idol before the interview (This photo was published in a Hong Kong newspaper)

And that’s where I met for the first time as well the HKTDC/FILMART people who arranged for me an interview with Josie Ho and director Nicolas Chin who were presenting the short movie « Tai Tai » in the official competition (check ou...

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